Edward Merrin, A Dealer of Renown

by Merrin Gallery Press

As for many, Edward’’s destiny began on his honeymoon – though, not only through his marriage to Vivian. On their honeymoon in Mexico, Edward discovered pre-Columbian art – although he wasn’t the first. (Columbus was.)

At first, Ed used the ancient South American figurines as a display in his family’’s jewelry store, but eventually, sometime around the mid-1960’s, his interest in pre-Columbian works developed into The Merrin Gallery, a full-blown ancient art business! Edward’s passion and appreciation for the elegance of pre-Columbian art,” led to his status as a true connoisseur of art of this New World. In time, his business came to encompass the ancient art of the Old World – ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt, as well as the Near East and Europe.

In the present day, there is scarcely a major museum in the US that has not acquired works at the Merrin Gallery (as well as many throughout the world). Private collectors in these fields, as well, have been nurtured. The personal connection between an art dealer and client is a special one. Responding to a client’’s interests and passions, the dealer is called upon to find the perfect object to become a part of the client’’s life. This exploration often occurred over a long period of time, as the collector was exposed to a myriad of choices, and came to trust Ed Merrin’’s taste and expertise.