Flower Arrangements Tickle the Fancy of Edward Merrin

by Merrin Gallery Press

The New York Botanic Gardens is publishing a book on the arrangement of flowers by Edward Merrin with photos by Ismael Ramirez. It is a book of 250 arrangements, and will be of coffee table size.

This volume will be the start of a series of publications. It will be available in August 2011, to hit book stores for the full run for the Christmas season 2011.

Blue Water Lillys - Ed Merrins Favorite

Founder and former owner of New York’s Fifth Avenue Merrin Gallery, Edward Merrin has, together with his wife Vivian, been at the forefront of garden design, flower arrangements, and other nature-inspired pursuits. The Merrin couple are also avid philanthropists, having recently made donations to aid financial programs at Tufts University for students who otherwise would not be able to attend.

Edward Merrin has been involved with various charities, NGOs, and other organizations for his whole life; notably the Infants’ Home of Brooklyn, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (AJJDC), Childville, and the American Friends of the Israel Museum (AFIM).

The availability and specific details of the flower arrangement publication will follow shortly. Please watch this space.