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NYU & Merrin: Improving Bedside Patient Care

by Merrin Gallery Press

Ed is a keen supporter of NYU’s Program for Medical Education Innovations and Research (PrMEIR) through the Merrin Bedside Teaching Program.

The PrMEIR reception with Dr. Lipkin, Dr. Crowe and Mr. Merrin engaged in conversation

Dr. Lipkin, Dr. Crowe and Mr. Merrin at PrMEIR's annual reception at the NYU Medical Center

From its founding in 2003, there have been several new additions to the team and, among other generous donors, Ed and Vivian Merrin were honored at PrMEIR’s receiption on June 7th 2011, which was preceded by mention in the Fall 2010 edition of Tufts Magazine:

PrMEIR’s faculty development programs have been made possible by the deeply appreciated support of private philanthropists, such as the Merrin and Zabar families. A primary goal of these programs has been to help reverse the nation-wide decline in bedside teaching resulting from technological advances and shorter hospital stays.

Photo of Dr. Greene, Dr. Shah, Mr. & Mrs. Merrin, Dr. Felson, Dr. Mints and Dr. Wong

The Merrin Bedside Teaching Program was created in 2003 to improve the proficiency and quality of this essential instructional technique within the Division of Greater Internal Medicine. The program’s keystone, the Merrin Master Clinician Fellowship Program, provides selected Internal Medicine faculty with training to become masters of the physical examination and experts in teaching physical diagnosis skills at the bedside. Read the rest of this entry »


Flower Arrangements Tickle the Fancy of Edward Merrin

by Merrin Gallery Press

The New York Botanic Gardens is publishing a book on the arrangement of flowers by Edward Merrin with photos by Ismael Ramirez. It is a book of 250 arrangements, and will be of coffee table size.

This volume will be the start of a series of publications. It will be available in August 2011, to hit book stores for the full run for the Christmas season 2011.

Blue Water Lillys - Ed Merrins Favorite

Founder and former owner of New York’s Fifth Avenue Merrin Gallery, Edward Merrin has, together with his wife Vivian, been at the forefront of garden design, flower arrangements, and other nature-inspired pursuits. The Merrin couple are also avid philanthropists, having recently made donations to aid financial programs at Tufts University for students who otherwise would not be able to attend.

Edward Merrin has been involved with various charities, NGOs, and other organizations for his whole life; notably the Infants’ Home of Brooklyn, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (AJJDC), Childville, and the American Friends of the Israel Museum (AFIM).

The availability and specific details of the flower arrangement publication will follow shortly. Please watch this space.

Edward Merrin, A Dealer of Renown

by Merrin Gallery Press

As for many, Edward’’s destiny began on his honeymoon – though, not only through his marriage to Vivian. On their honeymoon in Mexico, Edward discovered pre-Columbian art – although he wasn’t the first. (Columbus was.)

At first, Ed used the ancient South American figurines as a display in his family’’s jewelry store, but eventually, sometime around the mid-1960’s, his interest in pre-Columbian works developed into The Merrin Gallery, a full-blown ancient art business! Edward’s passion and appreciation for the elegance of pre-Columbian art,” led to his status as a true connoisseur of art of this New World. In time, his business came to encompass the ancient art of the Old World – ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt, as well as the Near East and Europe.

In the present day, there is scarcely a major museum in the US that has not acquired works at the Merrin Gallery (as well as many throughout the world). Private collectors in these fields, as well, have been nurtured. The personal connection between an art dealer and client is a special one. Responding to a client’’s interests and passions, the dealer is called upon to find the perfect object to become a part of the client’’s life. This exploration often occurred over a long period of time, as the collector was exposed to a myriad of choices, and came to trust Ed Merrin’’s taste and expertise.

America’s Top Donors

by Merrin Gallery Press

Edward Merrin was included in The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s directory of America’s top contributors and their beneficiaries. It was on account of the New Yorker’s recent gift:

Tufts University (Medford, Mass.) has received a pledge of $30-million from Edward H. Merrin, founder of the Merrin Gallery, an antiquities gallery in New York, and his wife, Vivian, for financial aid. Mr. Merrin graduated from the university in 1950 with a bachelor’s degree in economics and is a former trustee. The couple’s three sons also graduated from Tufts. Before this gift, they donated nearly $9-million to the university.

The philanthropy blog also featured him in another article, though perhaps the best discussion of Edward and his gift to Tufts comes from The Tufts Daily (the independent student newspaper of Tufts University):

[Edward] Merrin’s gift is part an estate-related plan that will come from his will, making up 20 percent of his estate. It will fund the Merrin-Bacow Scholarship, in honor of University President Lawrence Bacow.

Edward and Vivian Merrin. Credit: Sam Merrin (via The Tufts Daily).

“Larry will be our partner; it’s really being done in his honor because I’ve had such admiration for him,” Merrin told the Daily.

Bacow expressed his appreciation for the Merrins’ gift, noting that it would support a cause that is especially close to his heart.

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